After months of research into how to travel comfortably while not burning a gaping hole inside our wallets we stumbled upon the secret to successful budget travel- community.

While we all travel for our own reasons, one of the most common expectations, especially among backpackers, is to meet interesting new people.

Easy Explore is a team of former (and current) corporate slaves whose passion for travel has motivated them to explore the rat race. If you are a college student or work for a corporate, and struggle with planning and executing budget trips, it’s safe to say we know where you’re coming from.

The values behind our little travel “start-up” are rooted in forging friendships that last a lifetime and building a community of like-minded, aware, responsible, and adventurous travelers.

With that said, we are a service business. While we do play hard on our excursions, our team is always working hard behind the scenes to ensure our community of travelers are treated to an experience that is nothing short of delightful.

To that end, we only work with the highest rated partners for accommodations and experiences, with people that value their jobs as much as we do ours.

Whether you aim to travel with a purpose, or simply intend to get lost exploring offbeat a destination, Easy Explore aims to be your partner through the many journeys you embark upon.